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Granite is an igneous rock, meaning it was formed a hot, molten rock that has crystallized and solidified, deep inside the Earth. It starts out close to hot spots and rises to the surface. There are two groups of igneous rocks: extrusive and intrusive.

Granite is the most common of all igneous rock which explains why it is so commonly found in our day-to-day life. It is used for countertops and flooring. Buildings and monuments, such as Mount Rushmore, are made of granite and pave stones are often made of granite because of its hardiness and strength.

This light-colored rock has large, visible grains that were formed as it crystallized below the surface. It is the mineral composition that creates the various colors of gray, pink, red, or white which are speckled with dark mineral grains throughout.

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The Different Colors Of Granite

Granite is a natural stone that comes in different “base” colors dependent upon what region it is mined from.

White Granite

This is a popular color for countertops in kitchens that are primarily based in classic white. For a kitchen with cabinetry that is a warm-color such as beige or white, it is the perfect match. Kitchen cabinetry that is stained in oak or walnut also pair well with white granite when finished off with bronze or nickel color hardware. The hardware highlights the veins of colors within the white granite.

Green Granite

For a bath, kitchen, or office that is done in earthy overtones of brown or gray, a green granite is a perfect pairing. This natural stone in a green will have mesmerizing markings come to life when natural shines upon it. A polished green granite makes a beautiful setting with painted cabinets and finished off with hardware in a bronze, copper, or satin nickel.

Green-Blue Granite

The slabs of this granite color can bring about an ocean feel and is perfect with all satin-grade white cabinetry and satin nickel hardware. The more natural light in the bathroom or kitchen, the more the green-blue colors stand out.

Black Granite

For a handsome, rich kitchen black granite is a striking choice. White cabinetry makes a beautiful contrast with this granite and the walls can be any color that will keep the appearance handsome and rich. Finished off with bronze, chrome, or nickel hardware can bring the look to a completed look. Many homeowners choose to go with stained a medium oak or walnut stain cabinetry which is just as handsome.

Bordeaux Granite

This color of granite is defined by unique red veining that is usually a dark red, almost the color or red wine. This color of granite is popular for flooring more so than countertops.

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