HanStone Quartz

HanStone Quartz is the perfect countertop for a home or commercial setting that gives it an ultimate expression. And the manufactures of Hanstone appreciate that no two commercial property or home is just alike.

Granitex Corp works with the HanStone Quartz brand because of the durability and high quality it offers. This product is consistent with color and texture and has proven to be six times stronger than granite. This is the perfect product for a high traffic area of a commercial building or active home and is certain to add pleasure for years to come.

HanStone Quartz adds their own special acrylic solid surface to each of their slabs. This not only makes these countertops easy to clean but keeps them smooth, reducing the need for maintenance. It gives your home a highly hygienic space, making it perfect for a home’s bath or kitchen or in commercial settings such as healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants.

Uptown Grey - RU609
Metropolitan - RU611
Royale Blanc - BA205
Tranquility - RU613
Italian Waves - RU701
Nova Bisque - LO712
Classic Statue - RU702
Empress - LO713
Brava Marfil - RU706
Savoy - RU703
Swan Cotton - RS301
Campina - LO711
Bianco Canvas - BA201
Aspen - RU601
Angora - CC101
Celestial - RU704
Chia - CC100
Serenity - MV624
Manila - CC102
Fresco - RC103
Seaside - RS461
Indian Pearl - MV607
Sisal - CC103
Specchio White - CT402
Strato - CA701
Aurora Snow - CL101
Artisan Grey - RC104
Rocky Shores - RS463
Kindred - MO623
Venetian Avorio - RS314
Walnut Luster - MV616
Argil - MO625
Bavaria - BT351
Serengeti - BT327
Doric - BT356
Takoda - BT354
English Toffee - RS462
Maple Canyon - RS321
Rolling Stone - MV618
Magellan - RM502
Ajanta - RM504
Blackburn - RS401
Victorian Sands - RS308
Autumn Leaf - RS305
Pewter - RC101
Ivory Wave - MV620
Leaden - CC104
Smoke - CS401
Fusion - MV623
Henna - CC105
Meteorite - MV619
Grigio - MV611
Auburn Abyss - BT355
Tiffany Grey - CL105
Odyssey - RM501
Aramis - RU607L
Sterling Grey - LS451
Silhouette - MV628
Obsidian Black - CT401
Steel Patina - MV621
Black Coral - RS306