Quartz Master

Quartz Master is one of Granitex Corp’s most demand products. It offers our customers high-tech quartz that is durable and modern. They have a new approach and perspective for this industry that better meets the needs of contractors, designer, and homeowners.

This engineered stone product has better resistance to bacterial contamination doesn’t stain and is an easy-to-care-for material that needs no special maintenance. All the while, it is providing that marble appearance that designers and homeowners desire, especially in an area like the kitchen, where grease, oil, and other products are present. It is perfect in bathrooms and won’t deteriorate under the use of toiletries like hairspray.

While natural granite offers unpredictable variations of colors and patterns from slab to slab, Quartz Master is engineered in an array of over 60 colors and multiple patterns. You can find the perfect match or a contrasting color and pattern for any cabinetry you have in the bath, laundry, or kitchen. From your countertop to your backsplash or in the surround of your shower, Master Quartz is the ideal material.

Borghini Classic
Calacutta Blois
Pietra Catroosa
French Vanilla Light
French Vanilla Dark
Calacutta Celine
Pietra Grey Dark
Pietra Grey Light
Miel Grey
Lincoln Gold
Calacutta Supreme
Calacutta Michael Angelo
Sugar White
Calacutta Capraia
Paris Grey
Calacutta Rhino
Cobra Black
Calacutta Paris
Vanilla White
Statuario Classic
Cream Marfil
South Beach White
Sahara Beige
Calacutta Borghini
Nero Marqina
Calacutta Italia
Palazzo Dark
White Aran
Statuario White
Calacutta Royal
Mother Pearl
Calacutta Gold
Calacutta Grey
Palazzo Light
Bottichino Classic
Jerusalem Gold
Calacutta Lincoln
Calacutta Vagli
Statuario Venato
Calacutta Miel
Calacutta Manhattan
Calacutta Lellair
White Arabascato
Calacutta Bnc
Calacutta Luna
Organic White
Alaskan White
White Macaubas
Galaxy White
Venato Gold
Irish Diamond Yellow
Universe Blue
Silver Star White
Silver Star Red
Irish Diamond White
Silver Star Black
Silver Star Grey
Liliaceous Land
Indian Red
Blue Seasky
Maori Island
Explosion White
Soho Grey
Beach White
Crystal Grey
Ancient Path
Armari Grey
Bianco Gentle
Beach Grey
Benjamin White
Pearl Blue
Blanco Romano
Tiger Eye
Rose Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Black Agate Wild
Brown Agate
Grey Agate
Blue Agate Classic
Crystal Agate Classic
Calacutta Royal Leather
Vanilla White Leather
Costello Leather Finish
Palazzo Dark Leather
Calacutta Emperador
Calacutta Laurent
Calacutta Pascale
Calacutta Macael
Calacutta Oslin
Azul Armani
Calacutta Bardiglio
Calacutta Ibiza
Chateau White
Calacutta Portoro
Calacutta Berlin