Sealing Stone

Giallo Fiorito, Granite
Granite is a popular choice in homes today for the bath and kitchen and for several reasons. The first being it comes in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to match something with the cabinetry and the overall décor of the room. A granite countertop can be essential in making a bath or kitchen blend with the rest of a home. This gorgeous natural stone material gives a home an incredibly luxurious appeal. It is a durable material that is long-lasting and is a value-add to a home.

Being a durable, long-lasting material doesn’t mean your granite countertops won’t need to care for it though. Just like any piece of furniture, your granite countertops need regular maintenance so they will stay as beautiful as the day they are installed.

Why Does Granite Need Care and Maintenance?

Granite is a porous, natural stone, meaning it will absorb anything liquid, and possibly staining it. When you choose to have granite countertops in your bath or kitchen, applying a sealant will prevent it from becoming discolored or stained when something is spilled on it. And while granite is a durable, resilient material, the sealant will re-enforce that strength to take on the day-to-day wear and tear of a home.

Yes, granite is a hard, natural stone material that can take a lot of wear and tear. But leaving your granite countertops unsealed leaves them vulnerable to things that can deteriorate the surface over time, such as acidic substances that cause etching.

Care For Your Granite Countertops Is Easy

By being careful not to let certain agents sit on your granite countertops is as important as applying the sealant on a regular basis. A may occur through exposure to acidic agents like lemon juice or vinegar, which are common everyday household items, are examples. Cleaning up any spills from various food substances with color is important to keep your granite countertops from staining.

Granitex Corp. applies a sealant on the slab of granite your kitchen countertops prior to fabrication. Another coat of sealant will be applied after we have installed your countertops. Sealant provides granite protection from any unnecessary exposure from accidental and common elements.

Sealer is an impregnator and comes in two variants, oil-based or water, which can give your granite countertops a glossy finish or natural finish. A water-based sealer is the most used sealer because it is easy to apply and safer for the environment. If your granite countertops already have a shiny polished surface, it isn’t necessary to use a glossy finish sealer.

Applying a sealant is generally a simple task. And because the everyday activity can expose your granite countertops to acidic substances, and even water, the seal we apply will wear away. This is why we recommend that you reapply a sealant every twelve months to maintain that level of protection. There isn’t any special equipment or tools need and only takes a few minutes, much like dusting your coffee and end tables.

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