Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my cabinets need extra support for granite countertops?

Granitex Corp is staffed with industry experts who will check the stability and strength of your cabinets. If your cabinets are not sturdy, we will work with you or your contractor to make it right, reinforcing them to eliminate any potential issue.

How thick are granite countertops?

Granite comes in 2cm and 3cm OR 3/4" and 1 1/4" thickness. For our countertops, we use only 1 1/4" thick slabs.

Will my granite countertops have seams?

Slabs of granite are big, but some kitchen designs are quite large, and two pieces of granite are needed to safely transport them from facility to your house. Seams are also necessary if your kitchen layout has long spans, or unique form.

Will my granite countertops chip?

Granite is a natural material that is very strong. However, it can be damaged by severe abuse such as hitting with heavy objects. Granite dust mixed with epoxy is used to fill any chip. If your granite countertop acquires a chip, set the pieces aside and call us. We will use the chips, granite dust and epoxy to repair the chip in a way that it will be not visible.

Will my granite crack?

In an environment of regular use, your granite countertops will not crack. Granite is a durable material and cannot be overstressed under average and normal use.

Can I set a hot pan on my granite countertops? Will it leave burn mark?

With ordinary use, your granite countertops won't burn. The hot surface is not an issue for natural stone.

Will my countertops stain?

We will apply sealer on your natural stone countertops. The sealer will lock crystals together and will fill space between them. This will give you more time to clean counters if you have an accident and it will not absorb fast.

How often I have to re-seal my counters?

It is recommended to do sealing once a year. The sealant will make your counters shiny again and will bring colors back. This is not an expensive process. The granite we stock is sealed before fabrication for projects and upon installation of your granite countertops, we will apply another coat of required sealant.

Are granite and marble different?

Yes, they are different. Granite comes from inside the earth's core and is a highly dense material. Marble, on the other hand, is formed from sediments found under the seabed. After millions of years, both materials solidify into stone. Because they are composed differently, marble is softer and less durable than granite.

Will Granitex Corp reconnect my electrical and/or plumbing after installing in my granite countertops?

We employ the highly experienced workers to install our granite countertops at Granitex Corp. However, they are not trained in electricity or plumbing, and we are not able to assume liability for reconnections. We can provide you references for companies or individuals that are licensed and experienced in electric and/or plumbing areas.

Where is your granite from?

We receive granite from locations worldwide. We have granite from Brazil, China, India, Italy and the United States.

Can I cut on my granite countertops?

Granite is a durable and extremely tough material and for the most part, using it as a cutting surface and years will pass you could see some marks left if any.

What is the best way to clean my granite countertops?

There are products on the market that are specially formulated for cleaning granite countertops. However, you can simply use warm water and mild soap with a soft rag.

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How long does it take to get a quote after faxing my cabinet drawings and dimensions to you?

In most cases, we can supply a free quote within 24 hours of receiving your email- faxed information. We ask that you provide us your contact information so that we may contact you if there is any question about your granite countertop needs.

Are estimates available from e-mailed or faxed sketches?

Definitely. We recommend that you add an additional 1.5 inches to your measurements for overhang on all of your cabinets. Be sure to clearly mark any special areas like arches or curves. Indicate the color, edging, and sink details (drop-in or undermount). All available colors are on our website. You can place colors in basked and do the checkout. You need to answer all the questions. Super easy way to get a quote.

Your quote request should include if the Granitex Corp will be responsible for removing the backsplash or existing countertops. We make every effort to assure your estimate is as close to the final numbers as possible, however, we will need to perform a full site inspection to give you a final estimate amount.

Where does Granitex Corp. cover?

Granitex Corp covers the Chicago Metro Area and up to 200 miles around it, including IL, IN, MI, and WI. Granitex Corp. is a direct fabricator and installer of granite marble quartz kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, hot tub surrounds, and we are able to meet all your custom designs need.

How do measures will be recorded?

Granitex Corp is fully digital company using laser measure techniques to record data.

How Granitex Corp cut countertops?

1st step: After laser digital templating file will be placed in 5 axes fully automatic cutting machine.
2nd step: All piece will be placed on CNC router/ polisher to get cuts out for sinks and polish edge completed.
3rd step: Quality technician inspection before it gets loaded in a truck for delivery and installation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We do accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX or Discover credit cards. There will be a 4% convenience fee added to your invoice for when you pay with a credit card. If you pay with cash or check, there is no extra fee.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, Granitex Corp. does require full payment of your total bill. This payment is due at the time of the template and fabrication will not begin until the bill is paid in full.

How long will it take for my job to be completed?

From the time you place your order, measurements will be set in a couple of days. After measuring, we will present you your final drawing introducing with joints location if you need to have it. Then it will take 4-6 days to complete the job. If our workload is heavier, that time frame could be longer.

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