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Wood Effect

Wood Effect styles of porcelain tiles is often mistaken to be a natural wood tile. So close, in fact, you may question as to why not go with the real thing. And the answer to that is the many advantages of a porcelain tile with a Wood Effect over the natural wood stone.

If you’re considering this for a bathroom or kitchen use, either on the counter, the flooring, or the walls, porcelain water repellant. The absorption level of this material is almost at zero which means you can use it in areas where it will get direct water and not have to worry about it.

Natural wood, albeit a strong material, is delicate at the same time and is easy to damage scratch or scuff. A porcelain surface with Wood Effect will have that same look of wood and yet, be resilient to damage and stress. It has one of the highest ratings of chemical resistance in the industry and holds up to foot traffic for more years than any other material.

Granitex Corp offers many different varieties in color and style of Wood Effect porcelain. If your design and style if a light, contemporary look, we have the wood tones to match. Or if you prefer a more classic and timeless feel, we can match a Wood Effect Porcelain to go with that too.

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