Guarantee & Warranty

The Granitex Corp Guarantee

Granitex Corp stands behind our product and our work, including all custom fabricated natural stone granite. We guarantee your granite countertop to be free of any workmanship defects or material defects for one year after date installation when used under normal conditions.

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During the one-year Warranty Period, Granitex Corp, upon our discretion, will repair or replace, any defective products for direct customers. Third parties are not offered warranty by Granitex Corp.

Our warranty does not cover any damage sustained by trade personnel after we have installed our product. Improper maintenance that causes stains is not warrantied. It is our recommendation that customers read our “Care and Maintenance” section on this website prior to the installation of our product and refer to when there is any question if a warranty is valid.

The customer is responsible for all maintenance on the new granite countertops, including cleaning the surface; re-caulking backsplash and between counters; re-caulking underneath the granite around the sink so that water can’t penetrate through and cause the sink to detach from the granite.

Due to the granite being a natural material, fissures and natural crevices could be a part of the granite countertop surface. These items are not guaranteed or covered by our warranty due to their natural formations. These items can be undetectable while the granite countertop is being fabricated.

Terms and Conditions for General Residential Warranty Reviewed

- Our warranty stated above is directed to the granite countertops fabricated and installed by Granitex Corp.

- Our warranty stated above applies to the permanent install of our granite countertops for residential use. If the countertops are removed from the original installation point, warranty if void. No other granite install by any other company is covered by this warranty.

- For warranty service, contact Granitex Corp directly at or by phone at 630-888-1838 . A representative of our company will schedule an appointment to inspect the installation and the issue at hand to determine if it is covered by our stated warranty. Customers are expected to reasonably cooperate with our team and communicate thoroughly the issues at hand. Any and all decisions regarding any defects in the fabrication or with the install will be made by officials of the Granitex Corp and communicated to the customer on a timely basis.

- Any repair or replacement that is needed under warranty will be made to match the existing granite countertop to the best of ability, keeping in mind that granite is an all-natural material and exact match may not be possible.

- Any change by the customer during or after we have installed the granite countertops will be at the expense of the customer. The characteristics of our granite are all-natural and cannot be covered by warranty. The blemishes, color variations, the fissures, surface pits, or water lines are not covered under this warranty.

- It is our recommended that a sealer be applied annually by the homeowner to product the natural porous nature of this stone. When the stone is not protected by a sealer, any food or liquid spills can stain the granite. Any damage sustained by chemical use or physical abuse will not be covered by this warranty.

- The warranty is only in effect once the granite countertops have been paid for in full.

- The seam performance is covered by this warranty, but not the appearance of the seam, nor is any settling of the structure that causes the seam to fail covered by this warranty.

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