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Marble Effect

Granitex Corp offers quality porcelain in a Marble Effect style giving it a classic sense of timeless elegance. You can bring back the charm and look of a bygone era to your bathroom or kitchen with this material as a countertop, backsplash, accent wall or flooring.

Marble has always brought splendor to wherever it is found. A metaphoric rock that means “shiny stone” in Ancient Greek. It has a characteristic that not only gives an elegant feel, but provides a warmth for any room of your home.

Porcelain, when used in the Marble Effect style, is a unique quality material brings together the indoors and outdoors to your home, providing a perfectly blended architectural concept that will last for many years. Where marble has some drawback such as sensitive resistance that makes it impractical for many uses, the Marble Effect porcelain is durable and strong.

Using the Marble Effect porcelain for flooring will light up any room. It is easy to pair with any number of colors and styles of cabinetry and fixtures in the bath or kitchen. Marble has a special luster that is perfectly recreated with the Marble Effect style of porcelain. The beauty of marble is emphasized and is perfect for pairing to create the design that is ultimately you.

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