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Products & Brands Offered by Granitex Corp.

Granitex Corp. offers a wide range of cabinets and natural stone products for your bath, kitchen, or business. Our products are top quality and fabricated to meet the demands, desires, and needs of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge to help from design to install to make each customer's experience the best and their vision a reality.

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Our Line of Granite

A popular material choice of many homeowners as well as commercial construction. It is a beautiful material that while it can be fabricated into any design and shape, it is resilient and tough.

Granite several natural minerals within that contribute to the various colors it offers. Depending on what part of the world it is mined from will determine the colors each slab will offer. From black, blue, grey, green, pink, or white, there is a color that can make any fabricated countertop match, or contrast, the cabinetry it is placed upon. It is the flecks and veins that run through each slab that brings out each distinctive color. It is the durability and resilience, as well as the many color choices, that makes granite one of the most popular choices for countertops with designers and homeowners.

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Our Line of Quartz

Quartz is popular because of the durability, many uniform colors that are available. Quartz is a non-porous material and resists staining. These are the things that make it perfect for kitchens spills. And yet, it still offers a stunning beauty that adds elegance and style to the home.

Because quartz is a low-maintenance material is another reason so many homeowners choose this for their countertops in bathrooms and kitchen. It is cleaned with gentle soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. No special cleaning products or cleaning equipment is needed.

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Quartz manufacturers we work with: Qquartz, Quartz Master, HanStone Quartz, Silestone Quartz, Dekton Quartz, Cambria Quartz and many more.

Also, we offer our own line of quartz - Granitex Quartz.

Our Many Different Cabinets

Granitex Corp. offers a line of cabinetry that is the perfect match for any of our space from contractors grade to custom touch at virtually no limits in design. They are made of quality materials that offer you several different looks to choose from.

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Our Porcelain Slabs

Our porcelain is top grade material, made from clay that has a large amount of the mineral kaolinite as well as feldspar, silica and other mineral oxides that creates a colorful and strong material perfect for any commercial or residential property. We offer several different types of porcelain slabs that can be fabricated into the perfect piece to compliment any design look you desire.

Such as our Marble Effect porcelain that offers a classic, timeless, and traditional look, giving a feel of eternal history with a future. Or our Stone Effect porcelain that is durable and has a high impact capacity while still offering a natural feel like other precious quarried stones.

Choosing a Wood Effect line of porcelain is an eco-sustainable choice that has the natural look of wood and is still strong like porcelain tile. Our Resin/Concrete Effect series of porcelain has plenty of character that will give your home or commercial setting a cutting-edge, metropolitan inspiration look, perfect for that contemporary design of today and tomorrow.

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