Once you have selected the type of material and color for your new countertops, the next choice you need to make is the edge. This may seem like a simple decision, but you need to factor in all the same things in this part of your new countertops as you did with the material and color. The edge has a big of an impact to the overall appearance as they do.

Available edges.




Dual Bevel

Long (Hollywood) Bevel

Full Bullnose

Half Bullnose

Quarter Bullnose





Recessed Apron



The edge profile of your new countertops will affect the three things in your bathroom and kitchen: efficiency, safety, and style. Whether you have decided to go with all-natural granite, quartz, or with engineered stone, the edge choice will have advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’ll cover a few of the different edges.

Straight Edge

If you’re looking for a design that is clean-lined, straight edge profile is the most popular. Regardless if you’re going with a thick or thin slab, the straight edge is a perfect choice, especially if you have an intricate pattern on the countertop itself or a busy backsplash.

The name straight edge is somewhat deceiving by name, as the edges are not sharp, but instead have a slight roundness to the corners. This is for prevention of damage or injury. You can choose how rounded your straight edge to be.

Beveled, Dual, Long Beveled

Beveled edge is angled, with a sleek look and is a popular choice for those designing a contemporary and elegant design. The corners are clipped flat at a 45-degree angle. The Double Beveled edge offers an extra dimension to give your kitchen greater visual impact as does the Long Beveled. Both can be customized to your specifications.

Full, Half, Quarter Bullnose

The full bullnose edge is popular for many, especially households with children. It gives the granite an elegant and thinner appearance, giving the overall look of the room a timeless classic look. The bullnose edge adds a soft, warm feel to the room, making colors and patterns of the stone stand out.

Ogee Edge

For a look that is classic, decorative, or traditional the Ogee edge is the perfect match. This edge will make ornate elegance of the stone you choose to stand out with a rounded bottom and a curve that can be deep and dramatic or choose the subtle line.

Cove-Dupont, Dupont, And Recessed Apron

Granitex Corp offers other edges that our professional experts can show you and discuss the advantages of each. Those choices include Cove-Dupont and Dupont, and Recessed Apron, each providing their own distinctive look by stepping down in a layered matter that completes your bathroom or kitchen design.