Granitex Corp offers top quality quartz material that fits any home’s bath or kitchen, fitting into any décor and design style, from contemporary and modern to traditional. We have a staff of experienced, professionals that will fabricate our high-quality quartz to meet your design style. We take your vision and create the results you will enjoy for years to come.

Our customer base has request our line of quartz more than any of our other natural stones. The uniqueness of each piece makes the perfect addition to their homes and businesses, giving them a look that stands above all others.

Quartz Brands We Work With

Granitex Quartz is our own product. It is a popular and unique design product that fits into any home or office design and styling. Great for high traffic areas with customer service or a home filled with active children.

SileStone Quartz is made by combining natural quartz with other raw materials that create an extraordinarily hard and resilient surface. These are the characteristics that make it popular for bathrooms and kitchens, on the wall or as flooring.

HanStone Quartz is six times stronger than granite and still has the same natural beauty. This durable product is resistant to scratches and staining, making this non-porous natural product an ideal surface material for commercial and residential use.

Cambria Quartz is made in America, this natural quartz, is a hard mineral that is known for its durability superior performance.

Other Quartz brands we work with are: Dekton Quartz, Quartz Master, Q-quartz, Caesarstone Quartz and few more.

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