Granite is a popular choice today for bathroom and kitchen countertops. This all-natural stone material gives any room a beautiful appearance, adding value to your home. It comes in different colors which allows you to match it with the basics of your décor and design. From the base color and the flecks and veins that come with the granite.

One of the next important choices you’ll need to make is choosing the color of the cabinetry. Going with an all-natural wood look or a painted look will go with granite and finished off with the right color and style of hardware will complete the look. Another piece to making your bathroom or kitchen look complete is choosing the edge of the countertop. Granitex Corp. offers lot different styles, each making an impact on the overall look. The edge is the countertop’s profile and will influence the efficiency and style of your bathroom or kitchen, as well as the safety.

Available Edges




Dual Bevel

Long (Hollywood) Bevel

Full Bullnose

Half Bullnose

Quarter Bullnose





Recessed Apron



When selecting your granite countertop’s edge, you need to consider the aesthetic appeal and the design’s practicality for the daily use you’ll give it. Each edge style has something different to offer in ways of comfort, ease, maintenance, and safety.

The following are some guidelines of the different edges to help you make that final decision:

The Straight Edge

The straight edge most chosen one, will give your bathroom or kitchen design a clean line and regardless of whether you are going with a thick or thin granite slab, the straight edge works with both. In a kitchen that has a clean line design, or a dramatic backsplash or an accent with mosaic tile, the straight edge is a perfect compliment. The straight edge doesn’t pull anything away from the granite countertop’s beauty and allows the countertop to blend in with the rest of the room.

While the name straight edge may sound sharp, the corners are somewhat rounded. This protects the granite from any damage as well as prevents any possible injury and the rounded edge can be customized so that it matches your bathroom or kitchen aesthetically. Go with a very rounded or barely rounded, the preference is yours.

The Beveled Edge

The beveled edge has an angled look that is sleek. It has a 45-degree angle with a clipped flat corner, and it can be customized to fit your specific design. It offers easy cleanup and will stay in great condition as there are no sharp corners or edges to be bumped.

The Double Bevel Edge

The double bevel edge gives your granite countertop an extra dimension and makes a bigger impact on the overall look of your kitchen. With two angles, one on the top and one on the bottom, both are commonly 45-degrees, that are squared down so that your countertops will reflect more light. This feature adds light to your kitchen so that it is brighter and yet still luxurious.

The bigger the beveling, the more the flacks and veins will stand out. This is edge can be customized as well to have larger angles. Whether you’re going with a contemporary or traditional design, the double bevel edge is a perfect choice.

Other Edges Are Available With Granitex Corp.

Choosing an edge that fits your design choices and lifestyle is important. Granitex Corp. offers several other edges in addition to those discussed here. The bullnose edge comes in quarter, half, or full or the cove or cove-dupont edge, all a perfect complement to any contemporary or traditional designed bath or kitchen. Also popular are the ogee edge and apron edge which any of the team will show you samples and discuss the pros and cons of each.