Angola Black


Angola Black granite a low variation speckled black and deep gray granite. This durable granite recommended for use in interior and exterior projects including landscaping and outdoor kitchens in areas with freezing climates as well as interior projects including countertops, backsplashes and other design projects.


Angola Black

Primary Color(s) : Cream

Other Industry Names(AKA) : N/A

Stone Type : Granite

Country : Angola

Available Finishes : Polished

Variations : LOW

Slab Dimensions : 2 CM, 3 CM

Recommended usage

Residential Usage
Flooring: Yes 
Countertops: Yes 
Wall / Backsplash: Yes

Commercial Usage
Flooring: Yes 
Countertops: Yes 
Wall / Backsplash: Yes

Freezing Climate: YES 
Exterior Usage: YES

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